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Hardliners Against International Terrorism Talking Tough

It appears that the escalation between Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel has embolden many hardliners against International Terrorism to step up and make some rather heavy handed comments against those who wish to negotiate with International Terrorists or appease the Nation States, which sponsor them

The Presidential Dichotomy

I wish the presidential election was about who was going to do the best job in office. I would like to see two very competent candidates running on their platforms building a vision that helps us decide which way we want to see our future go.

What Did the Boston Tea Party Lead To?

The Boston Tea Party is an event that most of us remember only vaguely from an American History course we took long ago. We think of something about colonists dressed as Indians, throwing tea in Boston Harbor to protest government taxes. But the tea didn't belong to King George, and there were only

Fred Thompson Retires From White House Race

Having faced a number of poor voting results in early campaigning rounds, former US Senator Fred Thompson has decided to withdraw from the presidential race on Tuesday.Thompson withdrew his candidacy after having faced a third place result in Saturday's South Carolina primary. This was a crucia

A Nation United

In a world that is constantly changing the shift of realities has made it quite apparent that this coming Presidential election is so important for the future of America. In an already crowded field of Republican contenders many of whom are bonafide clerics of a separatist sec it is quite obvious th

Prime Minister Gillard Deprecates the Brutal Moscow Airport Assault

It was just last year when the issue on possible terrorist assaults became a common topic in the news, in newspapers, in televisions and in the web. Because of this, travel advisories began to spread worldwide, to give warnings to people, to stay away from the danger spots or critical areas. Just re

When Will America Wake Up?

In order to win the presidency in America, candidates must stir up the religious fervor of the voters (gay marriage/civil union) and then vocally (and in some cases visually) wear your (new) Evangelical beliefs on your sleeve. It used to be candidate vs. candidate, then party vs. party, big business

What Is the Meaning of Centralized Government?

Suppose all local government services in your neighborhood, from police protection to garbage collection, had to be coordinated through a distant, national bureaucracy in the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. That is one of the consequences of centralized government---and one of the main reasons th

Universal Prosperity Ends Racism

Nothing will make everyone like everyone else. To answer Rodney King's question, "Can't we all just get along?!" Yes, sure we can, and we won't. We won't unify because We is non-existent. There is no all inclusive we. There is we this and we that. We Black. We White. We

Factors That Influence the Outcomes of General Elections

General elections refer to the elections held for a nation's primary legislative body; in the United States it is the Congress and presidency. The outcomes of general elections depend on what the voters decide should happen, and they have many different reasons for voting a particular way. They star

When Did America Become a Nation of Cowards?

"Americans are scared to death about the economy." "Don't let those Muslims build a Mosque at Ground Zero--too bad about the First Amendment." American banks are terrified to lend money.

How to Use an Oxygen Regulator

High-pressure oxygen has a variety of uses, such as for breathing while scuba diving and for use in medical emergencies. Regulators are used to convert compressed oxygen from a tank to a breathable pressure. You should use an oxygen-clean regulator due to the risks of combustion. An oxygen regulator

What Is the State Animal of Wyoming?

The bison was chosen, as the state animal in Wyoming, in a contest. It was a shoo-in since the large animal was already featured on the state flag. The bison, also known as the American buffalo, roams freely in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park, one of the very few areas in the United States where

Syria - For What It's Worth

For what it's worth, I offer a few personal observations about the Syria deal. If you kind of relax, you know half close your eyes, and just listen to the Senate hearings, the speakers begin to morph into used car salesmen wearing cheap suits: low balling, then high balling, leaving out details

The Irony of Politicians

The irony of Politics in this Country, at this time. The Openness of Government Act being stalled by one previously anonymous Politician.

Nonprofit Foundations & Federal Regulations

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are more than 1.5 million registered nonprofit organizations operating in the United States. Of these, nearly 64 percent are considered public charities. Nonprofit organizations provide services to those in need across the country, an

The Politics of Capitulation

Capitulate: to surrender unconditionally or on stipulated terms; to give up resistance. When it comes to surrender, just the thought of it is chilling to a political leader on the campaign trail. Campaigns are the closest thing to war most operatives and candidates will ever experience and for the m

The Government System of Michigan

The state government of Michigan is run as a democracy with three independent and impartial branches to help run the state. These branches are namely the executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch. The executive branch deals with the day to day running of the state bureaucracy