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Ordering Contact Lens Online - Money Saving Tips

Ordering contact lenses was never so easy as nowadays. With increased technology, now it is possible to order contact lens through your PC. Say THANKS to World Wide Web.To order contact lenses online, you should make a thorough search on

The Growing Significance of Lasik Eye Surgery

In recent few years, Lasik eye surgery has gained huge popularity across the globe. It is an eye treatment where an experienced eye surgeon makes effective use of laser to reshape the cornea and solve

New Ways Of Cataract Removal

No one really wants to think about the loss of eye sight or any eye operations, however in modern times, and due to advances in technology, it is really not something to fear. There are many, many things that you can do to improve eye health and your own eyesight so it is really just about knowing w

Are You a Candidate for Lasik Surgery?

Are you tired of wearing eyeglasses? Have you ever heard of Lasik surgery? Have you ever thought to have such a surgery to get your eyesight back? If your answers to these questions are yes, you need to consider this question: are you a candidate for the Lasik surgery? The fact is that not everyone

Enjoy Your Active Lifestyle Without Wearing Glasses

In day to day life wearing glasses can sometimes become quite cumbersome, especially if you are involved in physical activities. More people are choosing to wear contact lenses as they play sports, go for hikes or go to the gym. Contacts give you the flexibility to move the way you want without fear

Laser Eye Surgery Tips - Which Laser is the Best?

There are several different excimer lasers being used today for various types of laser eye surgery, and that number is growing quickly. Just like in the automobile industry, new models are always in the pipeline, as are refinements of current machines. Each laser system is complicated and each has i

Local Therapies for Inflammatory Eye Disease

What therapies other than corticosteroids are being used in the treatment of inflammatory eye disease, and which ones are currently in translation from the lab to clinical use?

Guide To A Good Lasik Surgeon In Temecula

Lasik surgery is the modern and better alternative to glasses and lenses. There are many eye surgeons offering this service. However you should check the reputation, experience, licenses & permits, education & training and cost associated before choosing any surgeon for yourself.

New Lens Implants Can Correct Astigmatism After Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are a clouding of the natural lens in the eye. The lens becomes yellow or opaque preventing light and images from reaching the retina. Always ask your surgeon about the options for implants before surgery to see if there is something that will best suite any visual needs.

Eye Exam Part II: Visual Acuities

How does the average person know... I mean, really know... that they are getting a good eye exam? Well, I'm embarking on a series of blogs to give an insider's point of view... THE ABRIDGED VERSION. I can go on and on and on, and THE LONG VERSION would allow you to pass an Optometry nation

Traumatic Cataract Treatment

Cataracts, a clouding of the lens of the eye that affects vision, are usually age-related, but can also have other causes. Traumatic cataracts are cataracts caused by injury to the eye. The cataract may not manifest until years after the injury. Although traumatic cataracts are usually caused by pe

Sterling Grey

An image gallery of color contact lens choices.

Information on Child Eye Care

Vision is a gift to be cherished. Maintaining good vision & eye care is a relatively simple task. In a National School Vision Survey done, covering 2 lakh students, it was astonishing to note

Types of Contact Lenses-Topic Overview

Several different types of contact lenses are available to treat vision problems. Consult an eye doctor who is willing to work with you to select the best type of lens for your needs and lifestyle. Hard contact lensesMost hard (rigid) lenses are made of gas-permeable materials that allow oxygen to r

Yeast Infections On Eyes - Swollen, Blistered Lids, Burning Eyes

My friend's eyes are the worst now, with swollen, blistered lids, burning eyes, on and off swollen gland (in neck), knees still hurt, etc. She used to work in a lab, so she stopped in the old hospital she used to work at and looked at a slide under the microscope of eye discharge and low and be

How to get Designer Glasses and Frames for less?

There are times while looking for designer glasses and frames, you come across some stunning pairs but then, after looking at the price tag, you shy away from it. This is a rather common occurrence am

Your Options For Eye Surgery Other Than LASIK Surgery28

Radial Keratotomy (RK) is really a medical method employed for eye getting the issue associated with nearsightedness. This essentially functions reducing slits in order to degree the top of attention.