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Where to Watch Birds

If you're keen to start bird watching you may wonder where to watch birds. Actually, you can watch birds just about anywhere; even on the terrace of a city café you can see sparrows and the l

The Best Clothes for Working in a Chicken House

Commercial chicken houses can contain thousands of birds, while a smaller farm might contain just a dozen. But whatever the size of chicken house, it is important to dress correctly to protect yourself from dangers. These may include barbed fencing, machinery, rakes or dust. Plus, the clothing need

What Do Larval Frogs Eat?

Tadpoles is a name applied to any species of frog in its larval stage. These babies live solely in water and eat a wide range of foods. The green frog is perhaps the most common type of frog in the United States. Its larvae have been studied numerous times to determine a possible diet and the effect

How to Grow a Peacock Fern

Technically a fern ally and not a true fern, peacock fern or peacock spikemoss (Selaginella uncinata) has blue-green foliage that turns a rust color in the autumn. Grow this plant as a ground cover in U. S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 6 to 10, or as an indoor plant in any locatio

How to Breed Owl Finches

Owl finches are beautiful birds and make great pets. Breeding these tiny birds, like many other birds, can be a challenge, especially for those just starting out; it takes some time and proper preparation. Fortunately, once the preparations are made, nature takes over and the owl finches will do t

How to Care for the Plum-Headed Parakeet

The plum-headed parakeet is a small green parrot between 13 and 14 inches tall, which lives 20 years. The plum-head is native to Sri Lanka, India, West Pakistan, Eastern Napal and West Bengal. Plum-headed parakeets in the United States are popular pets. Male plum-heads have a red head, black ring a

Best Times to Go Birding

Tips for when to go birding from day to day and season to season, including how to learn birds' daily patterns for better birding experiences.

Essential Pet Bird Supplies - 5 Things Your Pet Bird Deserves

Adopting a pet bird involves a serious and often very long term commitment. Having the proper supplies will give your bird the best opportunity to live a long and high quality life with you and your family. Here are 5 essentials that should be found in every bird room.

How to Care for a Gray Cheeked Parakeet

Also called a "Pocket Parrot," the Gray Cheeked Parakeet is perfect for those who want the liveliness and intelligence of a parrot, but want a smaller bird. Hailing from Ecuador and Peru, these parakeets live in tight-knit groups that flock to forests and feed on flowers, fruit and seed. Social bird

Budgerigar Range Map

Where in the world are budgerigars found? They may be popular pet birds, but learn their wild range and habitat preferences.

How to Care for Hen Chickens

Adult female chickens, or hens, have specific care requirements to maintain health. Hens typically have a trouble-free disposition and lack the aggression of roosters, making it easier for you to handle and take care of them. Hens do better in a small flock of eight or less than as a lone bird or in

Sun Conure Diet

A conure's health, happiness and quality of life demands good nutrition. According to Carol Frischmann, author of "Conures," poor nutrition causes the majority of health concerns in companion birds. A sun conure's diet needs to be comprised of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Conures become bored


Defines the term “kite” as it relates to birds of prey.

Birdcages - How To Know What You Need?

Have you been thinking of getting a pet bird, but have no idea what type of birdcage you need? Well, here is some help in discovering what kind of birdcage you need, as well as some other helpful items to put in it.

How to Get My Parakeets to Eat Fruit & Veggies

Parakeets, also called budgies, are a popular pet bird belonging to the parrot family. The average lifespan of a parakeet is about eight to 10 years. While there are several commercially prepared seed-based diets that most birds consume, parakeets thrive when given a healthy diet that is supplemente

How to Build a Walk-in Outdoor Aviary for Pigeons

The pigeon is a social bird that loves sunshine and free flight. What better way to accommodate these characteristics than to build an outdoor aviary? A pigeon aviary can run the gamut from elaborate to ordinary, yet any well-planned and -built aviary should allow for maximum exposure to sunshine,

How to Hang Bird Nests & Types of Birds

Birds have simple requirements for selecting a place to nest. Providing a reliable food source, protective cover, water, and nesting areas will attract birds. Flight takes a great deal of energy. If their needs are met in one place, birds can minimize the energy they expend. A place that provides wh

Room for Flight Equals a Happy Finch

Finch birds are very popular pets. When caring for finches, it is imperative that their living area provide them with enough room for flight.