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Stop a Dog From Chewing

Ready to stop a dog from chewing? Well, you've come to the right place! You see, my dog, Walker, had AWFUL chewing problems, which in turn ended up costing me hundreds of dollars replacing furniture, and other objects. Hopefully your dog hasn't gotten that bad yet, but if he does, you will

Easy Way to Potty Train a Puppy

Potty training a puppy can be so frustrating at times that you might wonder why you got a puppy in the first place. You'll need to remember to employ plenty of patience as your puppy goes through the transitional phases and learns what is allowed and what isn't. Potty training slowly, in phases, is

Golden Retriever Facts

Golden Retrievers were first bred in the 1860's in England. Golden Retrievers make wonderful pets because they usually get on famously with children, adults, and mostly, are good with other dogs.

Dog Safety Leashes

Most dog owners are familiar with the standard collar and clip-on leash combination. However, there are a number of options for safety leashes currently on the market. These new tools address specific concerns for dog owners, such as visibility and control, and even allow dogs to ride safely in vehi

Beat Obesity In Your Dog

Believe it or not, obesity in dogs is a problem that happens all too often, and the owners of these obese dogs can shoulder a good amount of the blame for an overly fat dog! In essence, one of the most efficient ways that a dog can become obese is if the owner already has a bad and inactive lifestyl

How to Install Electric Dog Fence

An electric dog fence may seem mean, but it is only a slight electric shock that the dog will experience. The electric dog fence is a great feature for any pet owner as they allow you to let your dog go outside and you don't have to build a real dog fence to keep your pet contained. An underground i

How to Kill In-House Fleas

Getting fleas off your dog or cat is relatively simple -- pick up some flea shampoo and give them a bath. However, you cannot successful combat a flea infestation without first clearing your home of fleas and flea eggs. Once your house is flea free, you will have better luck keeping these pesky para

Holistic Treatment for Canine Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes seizures in dogs. Some dogs outgrow seizures once they mature past the puppy stage, but other dogs need lifelong treatment. Some owners find good results treating their dogs holistically instead of, or in addition to, using traditional veterinary metho

Dog Food Safety

Is the food we feed our pets dangerous to their health? What is wrong with commercial dog food? The answers may shock and suprise you but the solution is not as tough as you might think. And no, you don't have to spend a ton of money to protect your dog.

What Facts Do You Need To Understand About The Dachshund?

The Dachshund (often called the "sausage dog") is a hound dog. They have an elongated body, floppy ears and a variety of coat types. It was in the 18th century the breed is assumed to have first came to be and hunting badgers is the purpose they were first used for.

Adopting a Dog - Why Dog Adoption Is A Great Idea!

When you decide to adopt a dog, there are many options to choose from. You can find dogs for sale from the classifieds section in the newspaper, or from a dog breeder who is selling on the internet or even from your local pet store. But clearly the best idea would be to adopt one from one of those n

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Aging

The usual signs of ageing are:1) Grey hair around the muzzle.2) Skin and coat become drier.3) Movement is slowed. It will take Fido longer to lie down orget up. He doesn't take steps two at a time anymore.4) Movement can appear...

History of Dogs As Pets

Today's domesticated dogs are popular companions for humans, but their ancestry dates back to wolves thousands of years. The history of the human-canine relationship began when wolves first wandered onto human territory around 10,000 B.C. They continue to be popular pets, possessing many of the same

Ceasar Dog Food - Premium Dog Food

Ceasar dog food designed for small dogs and it a well know premium brand.Ceasar dog food proclaim that it is a gourmet, premium dog food.Ceaser dog food uses exotic ingredients and provide unusual meals such as Chicken Casserole or Mediterranean Chicken. Ceasar dog food is certainly more expensive,

Dog Health Problems Symptoms - How the Internet Can Help

Sometimes dog health symptoms can seem overwhelming. Especially, if your beloved dog takes ill in the middle of the night. Fortunately, help is readily at hand in the form of information on the internet, and you can find out how to quickly and easily help your dog.

After Care for a Neuter

Neutering is the process of removing the testicles to impair your male dog's reproductive capacity and keep him healthy. Neutering your dog or cat is a surgical procedure, and you should take extra good care of him as he's healing.

Just Like in the Wild, Feed Your Dogs Raw Food

When considering what is best for your loved ones in your family, you think of it all, no? The clothes, the food, the safety belts, the health insurance. But when thinking about our pets, sometimes we forget that though that are one of ours now, they naturally were meant to live in the wild. They ma

How to Start a Business Selling AKC Registered Dogs

Breeding dogs takes a great deal of time, money and energy. It can also be frustrating because it takes many years to do it well and make money. Only a small percent of breeders make a living; most require other sources of income. Legal, moral and ethical concerns dictate careful planning, health sc

How to Become a Foster Parent for Animals in New Jersey

Fostering an animal is a terrific volunteer opportunity, greatly appreciated by animal shelters, which are often overcrowded and overwhelmed. Animal shelters in New Jersey are willing to accept applicants for fostering while some shelters provide all supplies necessary for the temporary home of one

Cats and Dogs Living Together

It's been a long held myth that cats and dogs can't live together. It's been said that to have a cat and a dog living together is like mixing oil and water. But many pet owners have dispelled this myth. The fact is that when a dog and a cat have been socialized to live together, not o