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Can You Have Too Much Oxygen in a Fish Tank?

Dissolved oxygen is an essential requirement for fish and invertebrate animals, such as sea anemones and sea stars. Beneficial nitrifying bacteria, which break down the metabolic waste of aquatic creatures, are equally dependent on oxygen. The natural limit of dissolved oxygen in aquarium water is t

Freshwater Aquariums - 3 Golden Rules For Beginners

For those who are new to this hobby of keeping fish and acquiring an aquarium it is always advisable to start with a fresh water aquarium. It is easier to care for fresh water aquariums than for salt water aquariums.

How to Raise Koi Fish

Koi are living creatures and therefore require special attention. In this article I will tell you how to raise koi.

How to Tell If Your Koi Is Pregnant

Japanese koi are not only very beautiful, but they also are sturdy fish that are able to adjust to many climates. Raising Japanese koi requires basic knowledge about their care, but because they are able to adapt to changing weather conditions, they are not as high maintenance as some fish. Koi can

One Critical Step When Adding Tropical Fish To Your Freshwater Tank!

Do you love watching the bright colors of tropical fish? If so, you may be thinking about starting a freshwater aquarium full of your favorite tropical species! Or, perhaps you've had a saltwater tank for many years, and have decided it is time for a new challenge.

What Makes Aquarium Water Cloudy?

Those who keep aquariums might experience cloudy water in the tank. The coloration may be green, yellow, brown, silver or white depending on the cause. The cloudiness might occur during the first, middle or latter part of filling the tank, sometimes within the first few minutes. Cloudy water can be

Goldfish - An Ideal Hobby For Relaxation

Goldfish is a pet for the entire family. There are a lot of varieties of goldfish bred by researchers for your aquarium. They come with bright colors, looking good and providing a real pleasure to a hobbyist.

Aquarium Care - How To Deal With Algae Growth

Algae growth is a common problem that many aquarists have to cope with at some point of time. You do not need to be alarmed of the presence of moderate amount in your tank as it is usually not harmful. Moderate growth of it indicates your aquarium is able to support and sustain life on its own and t

7 Parasites That Can Harm Your Tropical Fish

Fish that have parasites are highly contagious and must be separated from the other fish in your aquarium. The infected fish must be treated and the fish tank they were in must be throughly disinfected. Some of the more common parasites that can affect your tropical fish are...

Types of Flowerhorns

An exotic fish, the flowerhorn is a hybrid engineered by man in the early 1990s. Originating in Malaysia and Taiwan, flowerhorns were created by cross-breeding cichlids from Central America. The four main types are Zhen Zhu, Golden Monkey, Kamfa, and Golden Base or Faders. Various strains exist with

Great Fish For Your First Saltwater Aquarium

There is an amazing array of fish available to the saltwater aquarist, but many are not right for the beginner. Many get too large, while others have special diets, and some are just plain hard to keep alive. Learn which fish are the best choices for your first foray into marine aquarium keeping.

2 Critical Factors In Discus Care

Having an aquarium is a hobby that is worthwhile, but it would also need knowledge, dedication and passion in order to be able to come out with a thriving aquarium community. There are different varieties of aquamarine life and one has to study them thoroughly in order to know what to do. It is impo

How to Get Brown Algae Out of an Aquarium

Algae spores lie dormant in most aquariums, and the introduction of excessive fish or plant waste provides the necessary nutrients spores need to multiply, forming a residue on decorations, plants and aquarium glass. Brown algae is activated by silicates found in tap water in conjunction with insuff

Easy Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance

One of the ideas that hold many people back from starting up a fish tank is the mistaken belief that it will require constant upkeep and attention. The truth is that most freshwater aquarium maintenance issues are taken care of by proper set-up in the beginning. The rest of the upkeep, as you will s

Aquarium Lighting FAQs

Aquariums require appropriate lighting to support the health and vitality of the plants and animals living in the tank. It can be difficult to select an appropriate lighting fixture for an aquarium, and the proper choice will depend on several factors.

What Type of Aquarium Should I Use For Breeding?

Breeding fish is something that most fish keepers try doing eventually. If you are planning to breed your fish there are a few things that you will need in order to breed fish successfully. Some of the most important things while breeding fish include baby food and a separate tank. If you are wonder

How to Move Freshwater Fish

Moving freshwater fish can prove challenging. Unlike many other pets, you cannot just pick up the fish aquarium and transport it, nor can you simply dump the fish into a small container and head off to your new home. You will need to move your freshwater fish in a manner that reduces stress, mitigat

How to Use Bleach to Decontaminate Aquarium Tanks

Keeping fish can be a wonderful hobby, but before you set up your first tank, it is important to clean and disinfect the tanks properly. New hobbyists can save themselves a lot of money by purchasing used aquariums from those who have given up the hobby instead of buying new ones. The key is to disi