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How to Adjust a Snaffle Bit in a Horse's Mouth

Too often, people resort to severe bits thinking this will give them more control over their horses. A bit is no substitute for good training and a properly adjusted bridle. You should use your bit to communicate with your horse, not control it. It should be as mild as possible. A snaffle bit is a m

How Is a Flank Strap Used?

A flank strap is a leather or nylon strap, or soft rope, which is wrapped around the flanks of a bull or horse, usually to encourage bucking. Many rodeo associations require that the flank strap be lined with fleece.

African Horse Sickness - a Growing Concern

African horse sickness is a potentially fatal, untreatable illness of equines, and cases are being found further north with global warming. If a case of this notifiable disease were to be found in the UK, we may find a foot and mouth-type slaughter situation occurring among our equines. Read on for

Horse Training Problems and How to Solve Them

Horse behavior is often linked with the training your horse received during their early days. If the training was thorough and the trainer was good then you should have no problem.

Horse's Aging Joints: Equine Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

Much like we humans, maintaining your horse's aging joints and keeping them in a healthy stable condition needs to be a priority when looking after your steed. It is expected that at some point in every horse's life they are going to end up struggling with joint problems. This is by no mea

How to Preserve Relic Horseshoes

Western and horse-themed antiques and collectibles are popular with many who decorate with an equine motif. Preserving horseshoes that have some kind of personal or historical significance is a good way to create a unique and interesting piece of equine memorabilia. How you display your horseshoe re

Horse Rider Training - Five Key Skills Every Rider Must Have

Horse training doesn't stop when you begin riding. In fact the entire purpose of groundwork is to teach your horse for being ridden. Actually it's far more than that-it's a system for building a communication line between you and your horse.

The Ancient Elegance Of Arabian Horses In The Modern World

Horse enthusiasts will often regale you with stories of their predisposition towards a particular breed. But when it comes to a long history of admiration, no other breed comes close to Arabian horses; a breed long held in great esteem by nations far and wide.

Horse Show Beginners

The first few horse shows for a beginner can be a very intimidating experience.If possible before your first show just hang out and watch a veteran.If you know anyone who is experienced ask to tag along at his or her next show.It will be apparent pretty quickly who is still in the beginner category

The Importance of Formal Horse Riding Lessons

Horse riding is an incredible joyful experience. Learning to ride gives you a sense of mystical pleasure as you are able to communicate and become one with the horse.

Bowen Therapy With Horses

Specially trained therapists use the Bowen therapy to apply specific manipulations of the connective tissues in order to benefit the horse. Joan Campbell of Bowen Therapy, says that this style of hands-on therapy affects the central nervous, muscular and skeletal systems of the horse. This style of