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Side Effects of the Valium Appetite Stimulant in Cats

Valium can cause serious side effects in some cats.Black Cat image by Chris Kincaid from Fotolia.comAlthough Valium (diazepam) is a human drug, veterinarians have found many ways to use it for cats. It can calm and sedate cats before anesthesia, treat seizure disorders, help with behavior...

Senior Cat Diet

As cats age, their bodies and nutritional needs change. Even if your cat does not have any specific illness that requires a special diet, he or she will develop new diet requirements as he or she gets older, such as a need for easy-to-digest foods and fewer calories. Many commercial cat foods are av

Red Cats Picture Gallery: Julius

We celebrate red cats in our December Picture Calendar, but we love them year-round. December is a great month for snuggling with your cat in front of a crackling fire, particularly if your cat mirrors the colors of the flames. We also can't forget that December cats are red for the color of Ch

Keep Your Cats Warm With Cat Radiator Beds

Keeping your cats warm with cat radiator beds will keep them happy, as well. There are lots of ways to keep them warm, but this will probably be a favorite.

The Man Behind the Cats

Men who love cats are not wimps nor pussies. Indeed, they can be very manly guys, as this one proves. This is my tribute to my man, who is a cat-lover from way back when.

Toilet Training Cats - Tips and Tricks

When it comes to being a cat owner, there is a common activity that almost every cat owner the cat box. If you have more than one cat, this job becomes even more of a nuisance, not to mention smelly and even potentially harmful for pregnant women.

Declawing Your Cat

This is a very controversial topic which has a lot of emotion behind but it needs to be looked at. As a cat owner who has experienced difficulty dealing with a cat scratching issue in my home, it is difficult not to be biased but let's give the issue of declawing its due and see what exactly th

Five Tips For a Healthy Cat

Every month you should do a five point check to make sure your cat is staying healthy. Check his/her weight. Weigh your cat every month if possible. An easy way to do this is to weigh yourself, then pick you cat up and weigh both of you together. Subtract your weight from the combined weight and the

Cat Acne

Cat acne or as veterinarians call it, feline acne, is fairly common.It normally develops on the animal's chin area although it's been found that it can pop up almost anywhere.But you have to make sure that the condition is in fact, acne and not some other skin disorder.

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Cat Doors

Raccoons can enter a house in several ways, making a mess and exposing your pets to diseases. They also bring pests such as ticks and fleas into the house. One of the easiest ways raccoons enter is through a cat door. Clever raccoons are even able to get through cat doors that are specifically desig

Cat Behaviour - Old Cat, New Kitten - Will It Work?

There are no golden rules about cat behaviour, what one cat will readily accept another will detest. This is never truer than when you introduce a new kitten into a home that already has another, older cat resident.

Here Are a Few Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Learn tips to maintain the health of your cat. A healthy cat is a joy to live with and is easy to train. A good veterinarian can help you keep your cat health and maintain his medical record. You should have your pet spayed or neutered.

Common Heart Problems With Persian Cats

Persian cats are prone to have heart problems.persian cat image by FotoWorx from Fotolia.comSome cat breeds are more prone to heart conditions than others, according to veterinarian Dr. Ron Hines. For example, Persian cats are more likely to develop heart disease than the common...

Treatment for an Adult Cat Unable to Cough Up Hair Balls

Hairballs aren't just uncomfortable for cats. They can be dangerous. If enough hair lodges in the cat's stomach, it can block the small intestine, stomach, colon or esophagus. Sometimes surgery is the only way to remove the accumulated hair. If your cat is having trouble passing hairballs, there are

How Much Does Spaying Cost?

The costs of spaying a cat or dog may vary widely depending on geography and on individual veterinarian policies. While some veterinarians charge as little as $50, others may charge more than $300.

How to Potty Train a 3 Week Old Kitten

Litter box training a kitten is a simple procedure. For the most part, you provide the box and the cat instinctively knows that's where she's supposed to go to potty. Ideally, at 3 weeks of age a kitten should be with her mother. The mother cat will provide the litter box training. However, there ar

Stages of Grief in Animals

Animals become listless and depressed when grieving.sadness image by Adam Zdebel from Fotolia.comGrief in humans is common. Humans grieve the death or loss of friends, family, co-workers and even pets. Grief includes short-term grief, such as when children go to college or get married,...

Franny Syufy, Cats Expert - Biography

Franny Syufy is a freelance writer, and author of a children's book. Franny has been the Cats Expert for for 17 years, since February 20, 1997.

You can read more about Franny's current and past work on her Google Profile:

Loss of Hair in Cats

Regal, stealthy, arrogant and loving, the cat is considered by many ancient cultures to be divinity. In modern times, cats are lifelong companions, loved and cherished by many. Cats are very clean creatures, licking themselves clean after every meal and every litter box visit. Unfortunately, despite