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How to Create the Best Black Light Effect

What constitutes the "best" black light effect is up for debate. The best effects are those that offer an element of surprise and create that "Ooo, Ah!" response from an audience. Black light effects are not an everyday occurrence, but people who regularly go to dance clubs do see things glow under

Choosing the Ideal Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer can be tough these days with so many options today. Learn where to start and what questions to ask so you can be confident that you'll love the photos from your wedding day.

How do I Pan a Camera?

The technique of panning a camera is what creates those pictures of moving objects, such as a taxi cab in New York City or an athlete in motion, in which the subject is in focus and the blurry background seems to be moving with the subject. To do this, the photographer must focus on a quickly moving

Climb Aboard The Digital Bandwagon - Take A Photography Course Online!

What do you see when you review images taken with your Digital Camera? Shots that are OK, but you would be embarrassed if you had to share them with a wider audience? Or photographs that are so superbly stunning that they are crying out to be admired by all? Believe it or not, the gap between the tw

Printing Individual Posters

You may want to print your own poster to display a large family photo, show off your nature photography or artwork or make a sign for an event. Although most home printers are too small to print posters, many professional printers can print individual posters in the size and format you need. The opt

Intro to Photography Assignments

The best way to begin learning photography is simply to do it. As they say, practice makes perfect. Practice also causes you to think of new things to photograph, as well as questions and fun new phot

Using Light Effectively - Dealing With Difficult Lighting

Light is the fundamental substance of photography. It lies at its heart. Some people talk about photography as "painting with light". Successful photography depends on the quality of light not just the quantity. During the ...

Creativity & Quality in Photography

Photography, as a business resource, is now captivating slightly. Beside of so many wide-opened opportunities, it moves forward along with the equipments becoming more affordable. Compared to the era when digital camera has not existed, ...

8 Popular Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

If you truly want to make your wedding standout from the rest and make sure that your guests go back home with fond memories, consider personalizing your wedding day. By applying some of these simple ...

How Does a Photo Enlarger Work?

Types of Photographic EnlargersThere are two primary types of photographic enlargers: condenser and diffusion. While condenser enlargers use one or more lenses to concentrate light on the negative, diffusion enlargers take unfocused light and disseminate it on the negative. Condenser...

How to Build Your Own Home - Build Your Own House

Today more than ever before, more people are looking for ways to harness alternative renewable energies in order to reduce their carbon footprint. When looking into the financial aspects, it often turns out that even ...

Family Portraits - 5 Photography Tips to Improve Your Photos

There are some very good reasons to learn how to take family portraits, and you don't have to be embarking on a photography career to do so. Having portraits professionally done can be just too expensive for many families. And often it can be difficult to get everyone to the studio at the sched

The Importance of Tripods and Other Camera Support

At some point, in an ongoing quest to improve your photography skills, every photographer comes to the realization that they may have to divert some of their camera budget towards something to actually support the camera, like a tripod or monopod. So you go to your favorite local store or photograph

Photographing Pets

Photographing animals is difficult. It requires a good deal of patience, and demands a different approach to snapping other subjects. This article focuses primarily on dogs and cats.

How to Adjust Camera Focus

Most of today's digital and film cameras have auto-focus lenses either attached to them, or designed to work with them. There are some instances, however, when it is easier and more accurate to manually focus a lens prior to taking the picture. Adjusting camera focus is critical in capturing a pictu

Do You Use Photo Frames?

We take photos for a reason. We want to capture a specific moment in time. What is the point of doing that if we then don't display them? That's what happens these days unfortunately.

Dealing With Difficult Photography Clients

Like any small business, you will have difficult customers as a photographer. While the majority of your customers will be honest and reasonable, a certain percentage will span the spectrum from merely tedious and annoying to downright abusive. Anyone can deal effectively with reasonable people and