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Balance Between the Long and Short of Happiness

There are two types of events that can make a happy life filled with continuous feelings of contentment and security. What are they? Long term rewards and short term pleasant surprises or gifts.

Finding a Life Coach: What Is a Life Coach and What Makes a Good One?

Finding a life coach can be a fun and easy process when you listen to your inner wisdom and ask yourself a few quick questions. This article helps you decipher ways to use a coach as well as gives you four things to look for when searching for a good match.

4 Simple Steps to Manifesting What You Want

Manifesting is the process by which your thought becomes things in your reality. Whether it is something you really, really want or something you really, really fear, manifesting, through the law of attraction will work.

Exam Stress - Are You Part of the Problem?

This article describes some simple ways to get exam stress and anxiety under control. If you are a parent or other significant person in the life of the student - then you may be part of their problem.

The Broad Assortment Of Wine Racks Available To You

A wide variety of materials and designs are incorporated into modern produced wine racks. Impressive display capabilities are coupled with the ability to help in the aging process. A good deal of thought should go ...

Meditation Cushions - How to Choose the Best

Meditation requires an individual to sit in a particular position for longer period of time. This process has a lot of health and mental benefits on the meditator. However, there are also certain problems one ...

Loneliness Inside a Crowded Life

NOTHING COMES CLOSE to helping when we are faced with that lonely contemplation in the noisiest of lives, with needs voiced and going begging everywhere it seems. Consciousness of helplessness in the flurry of anxiousness: can there be anything worse? We have nothing to offer ourselves let alone any

One Surprising Word That Can Help you Get What you Want

Most of us really want to help others, whether at work or at home but sometimes our good intentions can get the best of us and we end up taking on too much. This article shares effective strategies fo

Be Ready And Open To Receive - The Best Opportunities Of Your Life

Are you dragging your self along driving your self into the ground searching and seeking a better life! We constantly hear these days that we are entitled to more, we should allow for more in our lives, and this is true! We should allow ourselves to live a beautiful fulfilling life - so are you read

The Art Of Making Money

In times like these, where media populates the mind with thoughts that transition into beliefs of scarcity and fear, it's refreshing to know that we still live in a world full of abundance.There are many people that sway into the conscious and subconscious belief that things, resources and oppo

Declare What You Will Have

Now is the time for you to take an active part in creating the life God has for you. You are required to put voice to your desires and wishes and speak out the things God wants for you to have.

Do You Have Facebook Shame?

Happy New Year! I am honoured to be a part of your amazing journey for 2014! Together, let's create more joy, more peace and more happiness! It all starts with you - making the decision and commitment to do it. To live and love life to the fullest!

Organize Your Space To Create Your Sanctuary

There are emotional and physical benefits to be had from getting your space organized.Creating a sanctuary in your home will boost your energy in body, mind and spirit.Getting rid of the jumble can invoke a feeling of freedom.

Practice Safe Driving During Snowy Winter Months

Driving is a privilege.It is a way to make our lives convenient and more efficient.However, snowy, wintery weather makes driving more difficult and dangerous.When it comes to driving in the snow, taking proper precautions and driving carefully are vital to protecting your life and others on the road