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The Secret Ways You Say "I Love You"

Do you and he have a code word that means "Want you!"? A look that says "Love you"? A classic line from The Simpsons that stops a fight in its tracks? Find out why this sexy, sweet shorthand means even more than you know.

Special Tampon Helps Diagnose STD

Specimens collected from special tampons worked as well as a vaginal exam to diagnose vaginal trichomoniasis, a common sexually transmitted disease (STD). If the method holds up, it could lead to easier diagnosis as women test themselves and bring samples to the clinic instead of undergoing an ...

This Is How to Survive Your IVF, Clomid, or IUI Cycle

Fertility treatment cycles are high stress mixed with wildly fluctuating hormones: a recipe for tension and anxiety! Learn how to cope, plus why you shouldn't stress about stress affecting treatment success.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Tubal Ligation Reversal?

Tubal ligation, commonly referred to as "getting your tubes tied," is considered to be a permanent means of birth control, since it leaves the woman unable to become pregnant. According to, nearly one-quarter of the women who undergo tubal ligation look into having it surgic

How to Know if a Cable Guy Is Real

One way that attackers gain entrance into people's homes is by posing as a service person, such as a cable guy. They will often dress the part, knock on doors and then claim to be there to fix the cable. These impostors will say that their company sent them and that they need to speak with you or ge

The Effects of Genital Warts

Genital warts, also known as Condyloma, are highly communicable sexually transmitted lesions that can be spread through skin contact. They're usually caused by the human pappilomavirus (HPV), an extremely common pathogen, but the warts appear in a tiny fraction of the infected population. The warts

10 Sure Signs of Genital Warts

Many people know that genital warts exist and even know some of the statistics involved.For instance, they are one of the most contagious sexually transmitted diseases out there.However, many of these people do not.

AIDS / HIV Transmission

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of AIDS/HIV transmission including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.