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How to Market Your Product on Facebook

Product marketing, especially on the internet, can be very difficult, regardless of whom you are or how long you have been a business owner. There are always new ways to change how you market your product and reach new customers, but you have to know what they are in order to use them successfully o

Social Media Marketing - Making the Most of the Trend

As social media increases its hold on the internet to become the great social leveller, with users spanning the generations as well as socio-economic groupings, more and more business users are jumping on the band wagon. It seems only sensible then that marketers capitalize on this valuable resource

Roadmap for a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media needs to be treated like any other form of marketing: you need a plan or roadmap to follow. Otherwise you run the risk of having a bunch of different approaches to the various social media sites that then clash with each other and don't give off the right impression about your comp

What Is Social Media and What Can It Do for You?

Social Media: has the power to let thousands, if not millions, of potential customers see your product or service without them even searching for it. If you only have one friend and that one friend likes your posts, all their friends see that post, and if one of their friends like that post then all

Social Media Marketing: The Real Value of Your Social Network

Most business are still using the spray and pray method to market their business. This is doing your business a disservice. A more effective way to get your message across is to enlist the help of your most passionate users.

Create a Facebook Event

You have got a gig on, or a party. So how do you get your online Facebook friends to come along?

How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

Simply having a LinkedIn account is not enough to add value to a business. A business professional must also have a strategy to effectively network with other professionals on the site. This is where many business owners and professionals fail to utilize the system and maximize their potential for i

Social Media Marketing, Truth and Lies

Social Media Marketing seems to be the latest buzz word for anyone looking to increase their online presence and sales, but is Social Media Marketing all it is cracked up to be? Social Media Marketing companies are now springing up all over the place these days and they are telling anyone that will

How to Make Social Internet Marketing Better For Your Website

Many individuals believe that social bookmarking websites are a complete waste. However on the contrary, social networking websites are those platforms that assist us to keep connected with our friends or relatives. Apart from that social bookmarking websites is a good idea in corporate uses also.

Making Money With HubPages is Fun and Easy

Many writers are looking for ways to make some money doing what they love to do. There are many ways to share your knowledge and profit from the experience. HubPages is a fun community full of writers who share ideas, experiences, knowledge, interests, and more. When you write a post on HubPages, th

Orkut As An Online People Finder

You may not have heard of the networking site known as Orkut, but that may change in the near future. As you may realize, it seems that everything Google gets involved with seems to be a huge success. There is no reason to believe that Orkut will not follow suit.

Twitter Taboos - What Not to Do on Twitter

This article describes the bad practices employed by many Twitterers. These are sure fire ways not to develop a useful and lasting following. This article is designed to improve the success of marketers and to improve the quality and loyalty of their followers.

Does Twitter Work As an Internet Marketing Tool?

Yes! Now that would be a quick response, but it would be too easy if this was a straightforward process. In my experience of twitter, it is important to consider it as a viable source of free traffic to your websites, however the conversion rates that generally are experienced are particularly low.

Social Media Helps Professional Athletes Build Fans For Life

Professional athletes have a finite amount of maximized earning time within their actual sport (field, court and ice time). The current groups of professional athletes are not only running out of time (some more quickly than others), but are being affected by the state of the economy. The question i

Social Media Marketing Myths

There are many myths floating around the internet, from doomsday conspiracies to alien encounters. There are also many different social media marketing myths floating around as well. These myths center on how effective social media marketing can be, and what are the best sites to become active on.

Barging Into Facebook Privacy

When everyday communication is just not a feasible option especially for those who have moved far away from someone, Facebook is considered as one of the best solutions for gaps in connection. Friend search is a breeze. All one needs to accomplish is getting into the system and building a community