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Prime Ministers of Israel

What are the names and dates of service of all of the Prime Ministers of the Jewish State of Israel?

Teach Your Children about the Christian Church

It is been experienced that the Christian Church is losing 70% of their children who keep themselves away from the Lord and get lost when out of home. This is a great tragedy and the main reason for this is lack of teaching about the Lord at home by parents. To be short of Bible knowledge would cert

How to Write a Short Sympathy Card for Inspiration

When someone passes away, whether personal family or family of a friend, it is important to acknowledge this and offer condolences by writing a short sympathy card. This sympathy card can be inspirational to the person it is meant for, by sharing a happy memory of the deceased or just offering comfo

Strait and Narrow Path Chart

This visual chart of the Strait and Narrow Path, created by Jeremy Skidmore, illustrates the Plan of Salvation, the four principles and ordinances of the gospel, and what we need to do to know the truth and return to live with God again.

Object Lesson God' s Love: Thanksgiving Object Lesson - Ten Lepers

Use this Thanksgiving Children's sermon / Thanksgiving Object lesson to create a situation in the Sunday school classroom or Worship service to illustrate the story in Luke 17 of the healing of ten lepers and the ONE that return to Jesus and thanked him for what he had done.

Nehemiah Rebuilt Jerusalem

Nehemiah saw the need for the wall of Jerusalem to be rebuilt. He enlisted the help of Uzzeil, who made his living working with gold; Hannaniah, who made his living making perfume. All of chapter three in the book of Nehemiah contains the names of at least thirty others who participated in the rebui

Did Jesus Pray to God - Christianity

If Jesus wasn't God, it would make sense to see him praying or even read about him praying in the Bible.It wouldn't however make a lot of sense for him to pray to himself.Maybe he was trying to create an illusion for his followers and was just going through the motions or pretending like h

Guided Meditations - Stress Relief Techniques

Life can often be overwhelming and very. Stress can be harmful to the body and relieving that stress is not only important for your emotional well being, but even more so for your physical health. One

What Is the Symbolism of Throwing Dirt on a Coffin?

Throwing dirt on a grave is a somber experience symbolizing a variety of cultural and religious meanings. Mourners often use the custom to lean on each other for support and to fully commit themselves to the funeral service. Funeral homes, rabbis, ministers, and officiants help guide the participant

How to Write an Apology Card for a Forgotten Birthday

Writing an apology card for having forgotten a birthday is easy, but admitting to the forgetfulness may be more difficult. Particularly important birthdays, such as the sweet 16, 21st, 40th, and 65th birthdays tend to signify important milestones in life and would be much more important than other b

Tap Yourself Into Vibrational Harmony

All objects are made of energy. Even medical science measures the electrical signals in our cells with EKGs. Stress has a specific vibration. Although, stress is negative energy. Stress is the experience we have when ...

Leading Astrology Platform

An astrologer is the exorbitant guide who helps you to know the accurate working of horoscope and celestial schedule. The proper methods used by every soothsayer depend in accordance with the astrolog

Joy - The 2nd Fruit Of The Holy Spirit

'But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.' (Galatians 5:22)In the rough and tough world we live in with all of the cr

Spiritual Tug of War

Our daily decisions, no matter how small, usually shape a lifetime, and wisdom is found in making the most of each and every opportunity. All of our decisions matter to God because they impact our lives and the lives of others.