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What's Wrong With Liverpool FC?

Liverpool FC is not just a football team. Since the day the legendary Bill Shankly too the reigns at Anfield, Liverpool FC has been different to every other team in the world. The fans became accustomed to success throughout the Shankly years, playing football the way it should be played and winning

Stay Thirsty wins the 2012 Cigar Mile

In the 2012 Cigar Mile, favorite Stay Thirsty won by a nose over Groupie Doll, giving owner Mike Repole his third stakes win of the day. Also on the card, favorite Dance Card romped in the Gazelle Stakes by 4 lengths, Overanalyze won the Remsen, and Unlimited Budget won the Demoiselle. Get the resul

Discount Golf Clothing Introduction

.The quality of our own golf game varies from day to day. Check this discount golf clothing. One day we may have got off swings and putts and in some times we have our best ...

Swimmer Katie Hoff voted the 2005 USOC SportsWoman of the Year

Olympian Katie Hoff is the eighth swimmer to be awarded the United States Olympic Committee SportsWoman of the Year honor. She joins the list that includes swimmers like Shirley Babashoff, Kathy Heddy, Tracy Caulkins, Cynthia Woodhead, Janet Evans, Amy Van Dyken, and Jenny Thompson.

Reasons to Use a Free Standing Heavy Bag

The free standing heavy bag has become increasingly common as mixed martial arts have become popular. These bags offer a number of benefits over a hanging heavy bag. Even boxing studios have discovered these benefits and only the boxing purists scoff when they see this type of boxing bag at a boxing

College Track Athletes - Off Season Training and What it Takes to Compete

College Track Athletes must be in training all year, if you skip a day of running you go backwards two days, it's that simple. You must, keep in the game all year around and any runner who wants to compete at the college level needs to run a heck of a lot more than 30-minutes regardless of pace

Skier Profile: Brady Leman

Profile of Brady Leman member of Canada's Men's Freestyle Ski Team, and World Cup skier.

Tennis - Ideal For Beginners

If you have not been the sporty or athletic type but are keen to take up a sport as part of your goal to adopt a healthier lifestyle, tennis is a wonderful game to pick up. Tennis can be played according to the players' preference - slow and steady for beginners, or fast and furious for advance

How to Put a Rock Climbing Wall in a Bedroom

Rock climbing is an activity gaining in popularity and increasing its number of new enthusiasts. To gain more opportunity for practice and proficiency, many people have begun to construct climbing walls in their homes. Almost any room of the home is fair game for a wall; however, one room many might

Shoulder Exercises To Improve Your Game

Your shoulder strength and flexibility are essential to producing an optimal swing off the tee.Adequate shoulder rotation is responsible for keeping the club in the desirable swing plane. Tightness of your external right shoulder rotation limits your follow through while tightness of your external l

Planning Tips For Your First Paintball Competition

Your success at a paintball competition depends on a lot more than just showing up and shooting a few paintballs; preparation is key. This article will help you learn what to expect from your first competition. Knowing what to expect ahead of time will save you tons of frustration by allowing you to

Runner Gratitude - Spouse

Appreciation of your spouse in all areas of your life is crucial for a happy life. And this is especially true when it comes to your running.

The Bunny Hop on Your Bike

The bunny hop stands at the basis of numerous BMX tricks. Someone does a bunny hop when they jump gradually, not at once. A lot of beginners make mistakes and lift both of their wheels at once.

Hills and Thrills on Carne’S New Nine

The second green sits in an amphitheatre of huge dunes and blowouts (photo: Larry Lambrecht). Adam Lawrence visits Carne Golf Links on the west coast of Ireland, heralded as having the biggest dunes in golf. ...

Choosing a Surfboard

Here are descriptions of various types of surfboards. Longboards, funboards, shortboards, fish--there's no good or bad type. The kind of board you ride depends on many things, such as wave conditions and your size, stance, experience, and physical fitness.