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Hotels in Rheinland, Germany

Castles and hotels rich with history can be found all along the Rhine River.old castle. rhine river valley, germany image by donkey IA from Fotolia.comRheinland, or Rhineland, refers to the areas along the Rhine River in Germany, between Bingen and the southern border. The Rhine is the...

Regency Houses

Walking beside the Regent's Canal in London from Little Venice to Camden is a wonderful way to pass a few hours. The route passes the beautiful houseboats at Little Venice, Nash Regency houses and London Zoo before reaching Camden Lock. Enjoy these photos.

Why Is There No Tram Line 8 in Amsterdam?

Some visitors wonder why there's no tram line 8 in Amsterdam; the reason has to do with the line's role in the deportation of Jews in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam.

Hotels in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria has a long musical tradition.Salzburg image by Serge Freeman from Fotolia.comSalzburg, situated in the western end of Austria, is a historic town that features Baroque architecture in the Old Town district. The history of Salzburg, which is translated as “Salt...

DIY Installation of a Backup Camera for a RV

Backup cameras are a nice add-on to your RV because you can see what is behind you. It prevents you from backing into things you cannot see and can potentially save you from damage repairs. Backup cameras are available in different sizes, with audio, and in black-and-white or color. Some even come w