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Ashtabula, Ohio Fishing Charters

Ashtabula City is in Ashtabula County, Ohio. The area is situated right on Lake Erie's coastline. The Ashtabula Harbor and its surrounding marinas provide anglers and boaters access to the magnificent lake and the diverse species of game fish within it. You can explore Lake Erie by fishing from one

How to Catch White Perch

White perch frequent cool, deep spots on river banks and lakes. These little fish are often in perpetual motion and do well in waters that are cool and clear. The white perch have voracious appetites and can be enticed to strike on most forms of live bait. A simple set-up is all that is needed, with

Rock Tamers

Towing trailers on bush tracks is a gamble as rocks ricocheting off the trailer can cause an untimely demise of your tail-lights or the rear window of your car. The problem occurs when rocks and ...

Carp Fishing Tips

So, you like fishing and you've got the hang of the basics, but you're looking for some tips to help boost your success. If that's you, read our guide for some top carp fishing tips. ...

Tuna Fishing Trips

There are several fishing charters that offer a variety of tuna fishing boat image by paul mitchell from Fotolia.comFishing is popular for avid sportsmen and beginners alike, and tuna is a popular species. These fish are fast swimmers, capable of speeds up to 40 miles per...

How to Read Tide Charts for Fishing

Knowing how to read tide charts can help you become a more successful fisherman. Multiple factors influence tides, such as the phase of the moon, the time of year or season, wind and what spot you are fishing in around the globe. Get in the habit of checking daily tide charts for your fishing spot o

Bass Fishing in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida, is 29 miles from the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, accessible from Highway 192 and State Route 17-92. Lake Toho, one of the premier bass fishing spots in all of Florida and within the chain of lakes, is home to the annual Bass Master Professional, and F.L.W. Fishing Tournaments.

How to Set a Trot Line

Trot lines are a productive tool for catching large numbers of fish at one time. The device consists of one main line, and shorter, hooked lines tied to the main. River sets are most common for trot lines, which are stretched from shore and submerged in the water. Trot lines are most commonly used t

Wisconsin Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead, also called rainbow trout, is a popular species of fish in Wisconsin's streams, especially those that flow from Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, which border the state on the eastern and northern sides, respectively. Trout is one of Wisconsin's most highly regulated species of fish, so it

Catfish Fishing in Palmetto, Georgia

Georgia offers plenty of catfish fishing opportunities throughout its many lakes and reservoirs. The city of Palmetto in Fulton and Coweta counties is surrounded by lakes, dams and reservoirs that have healthy populations of catfish as well as other types of fish, including bass and sunfish.The Geor

The Life Spans of Animals in the Wild Compared With in Captivity

No one knows exactly how long animals live in the wild because no complete studies have been done on individuals from birth to death. We can estimate their length of life by studying things such as growth rings from fins and scales, the condition of teeth, and other factors. We know how long some an

Learn Flyfishing From Scratch

You probably already know that fly fishing is one of the most enjoyable sports there is. To begin with just being alongside a swift stream bubbling down a hillside and through a meadow with little ...

Opting For the Best Alaska Fishing Resort

Alaska is known worldwide as the best fishing destination. If you are a person who is fond of killing the time with such a hobby, then Alaska is the best place for you to be. ...

Fish & Game in Colorado

Colorado is home to a diverse habitat that supports many different kinds of animals including fish, birds and mammals. Trout, grouse and elk are just a few examples of the different species of fish and game living in the state.

How to Rig Saltwater MirrOlure Plugs

Saltwater MirrOlures are hard, plastic-body lures designed to imitate natural bait fish found in saltwater. A variety of MirrOlures are available for various fish species and fishing conditions. The realistic action of MirrOlures in the water is enhanced when the proper knot is used. A knot with a l

How do I Fish in a Kayak in Colorado?

Colorado has numerous lakes, rivers, streams and reservoirs that are great for kayak fishing including its numerous mountain parks, along with the Arkansas and Colorado River headwaters region. Fishing from a kayak is a bit of a different experience from that of traditional fishing. You should follo

How to Attach a Wiggle Wart

The Wiggle Wart is a hard-bodied fishing lure manufactured by Storm Lures. It belongs to a category of hard-bodied lures known as crank baits. This crank bait has a bill on the front of the lure that causes it to dive when pulled through the water. A clevis is attached to the bill and a split ring i

6 Great Pike Spinning Rods

We do not have to tell you how much fun as well as a great challenge Northern Pike fishing can be! That has been a well-known fact for as long as man has been angling ...

How to Arrange a Cinnamon Broom

Cinnamon brooms add a warm and inviting scent to your home. Traditionally used to ward off negativity, these aromatic brooms are enjoyed as a decorative element. Cinnamon brooms are available in sizes from three inches to three feet, allowing for a variety of decorating needs. Decorate your broom by

How to Rig a Minnow

Introducing non-habitat minnow species is illegal throughout most of the United States and Canada. Some lakes and rivers prohibit the use of live bait, or certain live bait. Before using minnows, discover what types are legal for the area you are fishing. The minnows will need to be kept in a bucket