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Practicing Karmic Yoga at Your Workplace

Why do people think that their spirituality has to stop at their workplace?Some people even think that life has to stop at their workplace.Spirituality is something that helps to enhance all facets of our lives.You can apply your spirituality to make your job better and to make other peoples lives b

Using Yoga for Stress Relief

Done for thousands of years, yoga has proven to be one of the oldest practices for self-development. It combines meditation, ethical disciplines, breathing control, and physical postures.

How to Learn Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga combines yoga postures, chanting, breathing techniques and meditation in a single practice to raise your creative potential and awareness, otherwise known as your Kundalini energy. Kundalini Yoga is also called the Yoga of Awareness and the practice was passed down secretly from maste

The Best Way to Loss Weight

Maybe you are wondering how pop and movie female stars keep a good figure? As we know, some Hollywood stars keep a sexy and slim figure. But some of those stars use extreme methods to loss weight. And

What Is Yoga and How Has It Developed?

Yoga is many things to many people and usually depends on their knowledge of the subject and their reason for interest or practising yoga. The word 'yoga' comes from the Sanksrit root 'yuj' which means union. (Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language). Essentially yoga is an ancien

Meditation for a Calmer Life

Meditation means different things to different people.Meditation is known to clear our thoughts, help calm nerves and allow you to stay focused.It is also known as a form of raising one's frequency to receive messages from higher sources of light. And for a growing number of people, meditation

Walking Meditation and Dharana

Thich Nat Hahn, the famous Vietnamese sage, brought walking meditation to the masses and I feel it is a simple and useful way to practice active meditation. We all know how difficult it is to sit and practice, but we can practice Dharana while we walk.

Modern Meditation - New Ways To SwitchOff

There are many, many forms of meditation today and as a practicing meditator myself I have researched and utilized many of the common methods in use. Now I originally started meditating as a stress reduction method, I was working as a nurse at the time and it was becoming obvious that my stress was

Third Eye Meditation

Did you ever wonder why some people become psychic and others don't? If you want to become able to see things others cannot, start practicing third eye meditation as a start.

How to Meditate Like a Monk - Even If It's Your First Time

Meditation involves reaching a state where your body and mind are consciously relaxed and focused. What you get from it is an increased awareness, a more intense level of focus and concentration, and a positive, much more upbeat outlook on life. It's a gift from the heavens... and it's rea

Benefits Of Yoga For Youngsters

Yoga is beneficial for adults, but especially children! When you think about it, they are naturally more yogic, as their bodies are more flexible and their minds are concerned about the present. Children can learn to appreciate letting out feelings, a healthy body with a healthy mind, higher levels

Discover Stress Relief Management With These Methods

We all want stress relief management at some stage because we dwell in a society that promotes stress in any hundreds and even thousands of ways.Stress is a killer and can proceed to have an effect on you for as long as you allow it, making you angry and irritable, and making your life and the lives

Classification Of Yoga

There are four yoga’s – Bhakti yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana yoga and Raja yoga – to realize the divine, where is the need to practise Buddhi Yoga? The answer is that even to practice the four yoga’s one has to take the help of Budhi.

Be Stress Free With Yoga

Ever thought about yoga?Yeah, you probably have - it's for hippies, right?Well actually yoga has become a very widespread pastime across the world, as both a physical and intellectual challenge to the body.

Yoga For Drivers Neck and Shoulder Pain Part 4

When assessing shoulder pain, take a history and perform an examination with these questions in mind: Is the pain arising from the shoulder, neck or elsewhere. Generally speaking, individuals who are older and have had shoulder pain for a longer period of time can be treated with non operative measu

The Manifold Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga through meditation works amazingly to achieve harmony and helps the mind work in synchronization with the body. How often do we find that we are unable to perform our activities properly and in a satisfying manner because of the confusions and conflicts in our mind weigh down heavily upon us...