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Airbag Codes for a BMW X5

Airbags are an important safety feature on today's automobiles.airbag image by Dimitar Atanasov from Fotolia.comFor automakers, safety is a priority, and according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, airbags significantly increase automobile safety. Every new car, including the...

How to Troubleshoot a 1998 GMC 6.5 Turbo

The GMC 6.5 Turbo refers to a line of engines made by General Motors for pickup trucks they made starting in 1982. These lines of trucks were used primarily for hauling and towing. The engine was a V-8 Diesel. The turbocharged engine allowed for increased torque output. This is a common way for manu

How to Install a Suzuki RM 125 Clutch Cable

The RM 125 was Suzuki's entry-level dirt bike, allowing new or younger riders to hone their skills before moving onto larger, more challenging machines. Like most dirt bikes, the RM 125 used a steel cable to engage and disengage the clutch. The rigors of off-road riding can cause the clutch cable to

How to Change a GMC '07 Diesel Fuel Filter

The 2007 GMC diesel engines are called Duramax diesel engines. The fuel filter on these diesel engine is responsible for keeping any sediments from the diesel out of the fuel injectors. The fuel system is designed so that the diesel flows through the fuel filter. As the diesel flows through the inne

How to Change a Hyundai Headlight

Like any light bulb, the headlight in your Hyundai can burn out. When this occurs, you will no longer be able to use the light and must be replaced. Take steps to replace the light as soon as possible--driving without a headlight is against the law.

How to Remove a Miata Head Unit

The Mazda Miata's stereo system includes a single DIN head unit (measuring 2 by 7 inches). Miata owners who wish to replace or repair the system will need to first remove the stock stereo deck from the vehicle's stereo mounting dock. You can choose to have the unit removed by a professional car audi

How to Jack a Unibody Car

When performing simple maintenance on your vehicle, you may occasionally be required to jack your vehicle up. This appears at first glance to be a no-brainer--an easy thing to do. You may, however, find that you spend a little more time than you first thought just trying to place the jack under the