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Personal Spiritual Growth

Personal Spiritual Growth Covering ideas to improve and enrich your life. It also explains the reasoning behind Spiritual growth and how it affects our lives and plays a part in our success.

Be Beautiful Both Inside and Out

Beauty does come from the inside; but it does not mean you can go on without caring too much about good grooming. Ladies, listen! The clich 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' is ...

Living in the Moment With the Law of Attraction

Do you ever wonder what makes wealthy and successful people any different to those of us who have comparatively little? Why is it that some people manage to acquire a life of wealth and success, whilst others in the same environment live from day to day on the verge of poverty? And why do some peopl

Once Every Generation

As the generations pass and with all the changes that we have seen in our lifetime the question continues to be asked if once every generation, there's a chance to make history. The current generation of people living all around the planet are at a very important crossroad to the future, and th

Play Your Position

In our zeal to be a positive force in the lives of those about whom we care, it is tempting for us to try to mold our loved ones into the people we want them to be.At times such as these, it is important to quash your desire to be a "superstar" coach and simply play your position.

Subliminal Messaging - How It All Began A Brief History

The phenomenon known as subliminal messaging, is now an extremely popular one. A lot of people now use it for various purposes ranging from personal to professional ones. It has become so notorious that many governments have even taken to banning the use of such messages from advertising.

Can Confidence Be Learned And Acquired? Absolutely!

If you are asking yourself the question “can confidence be learned?”, then read this article so that you will finally find the answers that you have long been looking for. First and foremost, know that yes, a person’s confidence can always be learned. So do not think that you will

How to Be the Change

I was fortunate enough to have the life changing opportunity to meet Bill Phillips a few months ago at Mark Victor Hansen's Mega Book Marketing event in Los Angeles. You may know Bill as the author of Body for Life and former owner of EAS. At the event, Bill Phillips put a Transformation challe

Belief Systems and Behavior Patterns

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I got a phone call from a woman I didn't know in another country. It was about a relative that I had not seen or talked to in a long time. I will call her Judy. Judy had booked herself to put on a clinic at the woman's facility for Saturday and Sund

There is a 90% Chance You Will Fail!

The odds are against you ever being a successful entrepreneur, and every one taking your money knows it. So you want to be successful entrepreneur, well chances are better than not you won't be...unless you pay attention to this.

Brainwave Stimulation With Sound

In 1839 German scientist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that by listening of two tones of different frequencies, each on one ear, one can hear a third, completely different, tone called binaural beat. In 1973 Dr. Gerald Oster showed in his work, published in "Scientific American", that t