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Why Seek Motivational Seminars and Keynotes Services?

In today's world, employees are so distant from each other and often disengaged from the work they do, that they cannot find any inspiration to work as a team and produce good results. They might not receive the feeling of belonging within the organization due to a lack of interaction with the

From A to B and All Points in Between

I had some business to tend to out of town the other day, so I took a trip on an airplane. I have traveled quite a bit over the years for business, and I have done a little for pleasure as well. I enjoy it for the most part, although it usually leaves me a little tired and weary at the end of the da

The Facts On Simple Advice Of Laser Eye

Is driving then a harmless activity after laser eye treatment. Cataracts is one common condition that can be treated effectively with laser eye surgery; the clouded lens of the eyes can be replaced with artificial lenses that restore an individual's sight. To alter your Rx, your optometrist may

Illusion Is the Jail!

Illusion is just that - illusion. It is illusion because it can be changed into something else. The computer I am working with now was once an illusion because at the design stage it could be changed into whatever the designer thought was appropriate. But now it is a reality.This computer is the pro

Drug Abuse Prevention Facts

There are certain things one must remember in dealing with addiction and its treatment. It is not easy for the abuser to adjust from addiction to a life totally free from it. Here are some of the facts you need to look into. Some patients who have undergone therapy experience relapse once in their l

Is Perfectionism a Dysfunction?

For years, I wore a mask of "perfection;" I was "Miss Seeking Perfect" for as far as I could remember. I was hunting daily for "perfection" and nothing was ever good enough until I felt that it was perfect according to my own standards.

The Art of Ascension

A short introduction to the Ishayas' Ascension. This ancient Teaching is providing simple and effortless tools to transform individual life from limitation to expanded awareness of pure consciousness.

Personal Spiritual Growth

Personal Spiritual Growth Covering ideas to improve and enrich your life. It also explains the reasoning behind Spiritual growth and how it affects our lives and plays a part in our success.

Be Beautiful Both Inside and Out

Beauty does come from the inside; but it does not mean you can go on without caring too much about good grooming. Ladies, listen! The clich 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' is ...

Living in the Moment With the Law of Attraction

Do you ever wonder what makes wealthy and successful people any different to those of us who have comparatively little? Why is it that some people manage to acquire a life of wealth and success, whilst others in the same environment live from day to day on the verge of poverty? And why do some peopl

Once Every Generation

As the generations pass and with all the changes that we have seen in our lifetime the question continues to be asked if once every generation, there's a chance to make history. The current generation of people living all around the planet are at a very important crossroad to the future, and th

Play Your Position

In our zeal to be a positive force in the lives of those about whom we care, it is tempting for us to try to mold our loved ones into the people we want them to be.At times such as these, it is important to quash your desire to be a "superstar" coach and simply play your position.

Can Confidence Be Learned And Acquired? Absolutely!

If you are asking yourself the question “can confidence be learned?”, then read this article so that you will finally find the answers that you have long been looking for. First and foremost, know that yes, a person’s confidence can always be learned. So do not think that you will

Motivate Yourself

How can you motivate yourself and stay motivated? Motivation is strengthening the inner emotions in you that drive you to accomplishing your goals.