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How to Insert an Ad into Every WordPress Post

The WordPress content management system is a flexible blogging tool and website manager. The WordPress core does not natively support ad placement, but you can modify the system to automatically insert ads into every WordPress post, rather than manually pasting the ad code into your article's post e

How to Use Miracle Traffic Bot With a Proxy

Miracle Traffic Bot is an online marketing tool that automates the way Internet marketers bring traffic to their websites. Although the bot itself cannot operate under a proxy, the website that Miracle Traffic Bot directs visitors to can. Setting your website up with a proxy server can add a degree

How to Use Twitter Advanced Search Functions in TweetDeck

Twitter advanced search functions are combinations of words and characters that help refine Twitter search results. Also called "Twitter advanced search operators," these words and characters give you greater control over the kind of information you are looking to discover. TweetDeck, a third-party

How to Embed an RSVP

The times of mailing invitations then waiting for days or weeks to get replies from guests are slowly fading, thanks to the Internet. Many people are opting to send invitations to their guests via email or social networking sites, where invitees can respond to a host's query within a matter of minut

Finding The Best Website Designers

An independent attitude will only get you so far when it comes to web site design, and without the requisite programming knowledge and design experience, most people are utterly helpless when it comes


The HTML5 bdi tag isolates spans of text for bi-directional text formatting. This is a new tag in HTML5.

How to Create a Digital Signature Certificate

In order to do business, attract visitors or serve your clients on the Internet, you can establish your validity and credentials through the creation of a digital signature certificate. In simplest terms, a digital signature certificate is an electronic verification of your identity. It gives you th